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  • What is home or property staging?
    Home staging is where a property is furnished and decorated by a professional staging company to showcase a property for sale. Staging can evoke emotion in buyers, leading to a positive connection to a house as they can easily visualise themselves living there. Not only visually appealing, staging demonstrates to buyers how a floor plan can be used. Empty properties can make it harder for buyers to visualise themselves living in the property.
  • How much does property staging cost?
    Staging packages start from just $1750plus GST.
  • What is the rental period?
    Rental of your Banana House home staging package is usually for 6 weeks.
  • What happens when my house goes under contract?
    Once notified a property is under contract we arrange for uplift, once the property has gone unconditional, but before the property settles.
  • Why should I get home staging to sell my property?
    Research in Australia indicates that home staging can attract a higher sales price, additionally staging can lead to quicker sales. This in turn not only attracts a higher sales price but by selling quicker saves money on mortage repayments or less time the property is not tenanted.
  • What do I have to do to arrange property staging?
    Just give us a call here at Banana House and we'll schedule a site inspection. We will provide a written quote and make a recommendation for your staging package. Once scheduled in for install, all we will require is a set of keys and let us do the rest!
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