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The Home Staging Process

Banana House green banana leaves

The Home Staging Process

So, how does it all work?

  1. We conduct a site inspection.

  2. We provide you with a written quote and recommendations.

  3. We agree and book the installation date.

  4. We collect a set of keys at minimum the day prior before installation.

  5. We usually require 1 day for fit out to your property, depending on the size.

  6. We bring in all of the furniture and décor to set up.

  7. Rental period begins (usually 6 weeks).

  8. Uplift occurs once a contract is on the property or the rental period has ended. If the property is under contract, we will schedule uplift once the property has gone unconditional but before the property has settled.

  9. We will require keys at minimum the day prior to uplift.

  10. Uplift day, we come in and pack down and remove the staging package.  

Home Staging Explained

Banana House green banana leaves

Are you Stage ready?

Here are some things that are required to be completed prior to your Banana House staging package installation (where applicable).

  • Ensure the property is vacated 

  • Complete any trade related services, eg. painting, plastering or replacing carpets

  • Complete any maintenance services, eg. servicing your air conditioner

  • Complete any cleaning, eg. bond cleaning, pressure washing or carpet cleaning services

Remember, we are the last service to go in before your photos are done for your sales campaign.

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